Church of St. Martin. Skelevka

Church of St. Martin. Skelevka

Alekseev Alexander
canva, oil, 70 x 60, Kyiv, 2006

Church of St. Martin was built in the late ХV early ХVІ century. In 1904 there was a stylish recunstruction of the temple, which gave it a neo-Gothic appearance. The temple, from the beginning, was a mausoleum of the Herbutόw family. At the time of World War I, the temple suffered badly, but was soon rebuilt.

A Church built of red brick, which is typical of the Gothic, single-nave with outstretched square choir and two chapels symetrically placed on either side of the nave.

To the northern façade of the choir are rectangular rooms, and to the nave from the west - a vestibule. The corners of the building are reinforced with buttresses. The eastern and western facades are topped with high gables. On the southern façade is a round tower.

At north-west of the church is the bell tower, called the guard tower, the bell tower probably part of the fortification complex.

The Monument represents a type of Gothic architecture, which along with the ditches gives more insite into medieval structure and planning to defend the city.

During Soviet times the temple was closed, and in 1993 was forwarded to the Greek-Catholics.


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