Church of St. Joseph. Podhorce

Church of St. Joseph. Podhorce

Alekseev Alexander
canva, oil, 60 x 70, Kyiv, 2006

Church of Sts. Joseph was built with a project by engineer C. Romanus in the years 1752-1766. The temple is located at 300 meters from the Koniecpolski palace. It closes the perspective of the main avenue and is an integral part of the castle.

The temple was built in Baroque style by Italian standards, which presents a rotunda with an inside diameter of 12 m, with a dome. The main facade has a fourteen-pillar portico of the Corinthian order completed with entablature and pediment. The portico is surmounted by a sill on which lay the eight sculptures made of limestone, by sculptors S. Fessingera and Leblasa. With the same material, architectural details are carved in capitals and bases of columns. In the years 1765-1766 the interior of the church was decorated by painter L. Smuglewicz, who along with his son has done prt of the paintings. Using them as a model, the interior decorating was continued by Demian, Wijtych, Constantine and Nicholas of Żówkny and Gurgulewicz and Witaniecki from Lviv. Various interior wooden things (benches, frames, sick) were made by sculptor M. Twardowski. Balustrade choirs performed for L. Smuglewicz drawings. In 1944, an artillery shell damaged the roof and the construction of the dome, north-eastern wall of the church, and a sculpture in the attic.

After World War II works to rebuild the church were carried out, but in thelong term the church fell into disrepair and was recently given to the Greek-Catholics.


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