Church in Volodarca

Church in Volodarca

Alekseev Alexander
canva, oil, 80 x 70, Kyiv, 2007

In Volodarca was a great church of brick, the facade of which was decorated by a portico with two pairs of Tuscan columns, wall-mounted, which were crowned with a triangle at the summit, and also two towers. The church was placed at the site of the former Vishnyevetskis foundation. Originally the wooden temple in 1760 was completely rebuilt by Catherine Mniszkόwna. However, the final appearance of the temple was reached in 1826, by the attempts of the nobility of the neighboring village.

The church housed the Zaleski family memorial slabs, along with the Iwaszkiewicz and Abramowicz families; along with a "skillfully made, " monument of marble dedicated to the memory of Henry Podgorski.

Unfortunately, the magnificent temple has not survived. We do not know what fate it met.


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