Church of St. Anthony. Velyki Mezhyrichi

Church of St. Anthony. Velyki Mezhyrichi

Davydenko Valentina
canva, acrylic, 71 x 61, Kyiv, 2007

Church was St. Anthony built at the cost of Prince Dominik Lubomirski, in the years 1702-1725. Together with the monastery, it belonged the Piarists. The Church was built by the project of architect W. Lenartowicz. A fire in 1809 damaged the temple badly, and in 1875 it was renewed. After liquidation by the tsarist authorities, the Pijarόw monastery became a diocesan church. After World War II, the Soviet government closed the church and its interior walls were destroyed.

The church was of brick, nave, four-pillar. The center nave creates a very spacious interior structure- it is much wider than the aisles.

The outside walls of the church are divided by pilasters, the facades of the side correspond to the internal support columns. The temple is decorated with three gables, charactaristic of the late-baroque.

The interior decoration stands out as a result of its ritches.

Today the temple is in a state of total ruin.


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