Church of the Holy Trinity. Dolyna

Church of the Holy Trinity. Dolyna

Davydenko Valentina
canva, acrylic, 65 x 65, Kyiv, 2007

Holy Trinity church was built between 1611-1634. Built on the territory of the castle. A sandstone building, single-nave with two symmetrical domes on the facades of the side, stretched out, hexagonal presbytery and defense tower on the main facade. It has closed vaults and is in the shape of the cross. Walls are separated by capitals pilasters which serve as the heels of the nave vaults and are five vaults of the chancel.

The first level of the tower - porch, second - gallery.

The memorial is the work of late-renessance with traces Gothic style, which then were embraced in the Podolia region until the ХVІІІ century.

At present, the church is in ruins.


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