Church of Our Lady of Candlemas, Lviv

Church of Our Lady of Candlemas, Lviv

Demenko Anatoly
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv, 2007

In the northern part of the governor shaft in Lviv is the church of Our Lady of Candlemas, and the Carmelite monastery built in the years 1642-1644, as evidenced by plaque over the portal. It was designed by Italian architect Dż.B.Dżizleni. Decorating the church as carried out in the 80’s of the ХVІІ century, when in the recesses of the facade was placed a sculpture by royal sculptor A. Szwanera.

A building with brick, plaster, in a Latin cross plan. The central part is emphasized by a small dome. The main facade is of the late Baroque style.

In 1927, the church krowned the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which today is situated in Wadowice, the hometown of Pope John Paul II.

Today in the church building is a Greek-Catholic church.


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