Church of St. Lazarus. Zhovkva

Church of St. Lazarus. Zhovkva

Demenko Anatoly
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv, 2007

The church of St. Lazarus in Żόłkwi was built in 1624. A small building, consists of octagon nave, small square altar, ane very modest baroque sides, which contained the monestary rooms.

In 1627 the daughter of Stanislaus Żόłkowski – Sophia, founded a hospital for the poor at the church, and in 1731 there opened a school, which embraced the children from the suburbs.

Built in the shape of a rotunda, the church divided the adjacent hospital building into two wings. It kept this form up to the present day. In 1861 restoration of the temple took place, and the filicjanek monastery was erected, which maintained a school for girls. The monastery existed until 1939.

After World War II in the rooms of the church were housed the archives of the district, the board of agriculture production, and a driving school. Today, in the building operated the church of St Lazarus.


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