Jesiut Church. Vinnitsa

Jesiut Church. Vinnitsa

Firtsak Boris
canva, acrylic, 77 x 138, Kyiv, 2006

The start of the Jesuit mission in Vinnitsa dates back to 1613, due to the fire Jesuits left the city, but soon the governor of Vinnytsa decided to fund a religious missionary house. In 1619, the mission was converted into a residence, in the year 1630 the school was opened. In 1642, the mansion had been converted into a college. During the Khmelnytsky Uprising, the College for many years was destroyed, and only in 1703 it was refurbished by Fr Thomas Zalewski. In 1739 the church was built and the college.

In 1773, the Order of the Jesuits has been deleted. The Dominican began to care for th parish, in 1778 the church had suffered from fire, and after the third partition of Poland, it was transformed into a military warehouse. In 1907, the church has been adapted to a junior high, as a result, the main façade was changed. From 1918 to 1930, the church was used as a "Światłokazańską" Autokefalnej Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In the years 1930 - 1936 until it was closed, it belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church. During the occupation, the faithful opened "Światłokazańską" church; in 1947, it closed again. The building was used as a gym for the sports club "Dynamo". Today, it is th site of the Ward National Archives.

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