Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. New Milatyn

Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. New Milatyn

Fortuna Illia
canva, oil, 75 x 85, Kyiv, 2006

The church, built between 1780 - 1790 by the Carmelites on the site of a former smaller church built in 1740. It was designed by renowned architect F. Kulczycki. In the first decades of the nineteenth century, construction efforts were decorative- from the north and south of the aquare apse was built additional room.

A temple of bricks, 3-nave, transept in a cruciform plan. The main facade with Baroque front is a three-storey building. Architectural design has elements of order. Interior architectural design does not vary from the main facade.

The architecture of the church has characteristics of Baroque classicism with obvious additional features.

The Carmelite Church from 1747 to 1914 housed the miraculous image of Christ crucified, to which pilgrims from all over Galicia visited. Since 1976, the miraculous image is located in one of the churches in Krakow.

After World War II the church turned into a warehouse, and in 1990 it was transferred to the Orthodox Church.


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