Church of St. Elizabeth. Lviv

Church of St. Elizabeth. Lviv

Fortuna Illia
canva, oil, 85 x 60, Kyiv, 2006

The idea of building church Elizabeth in Lvov was born in the last years of the nineteenth century. It was to become the parish church of the western suburbs, which at that time was inhabited mostly railwaymen, and intensely expanded.

The Temple was built in the years 1903-1911 at the cost of Lviv railway workers(some sources say that the church was built in memory of the wife of Franz Joseph I, the magnificent Empress Elizabeth, who was killed). The competition was attended by 19 projects, among which the best was the project by an architect of the then outstanding graduate of the Technical University of Vienna and Lvov, Theodore Talowski. The head of the church construction was engineer Charles Richtman.

The 85 meter Temple of the neo-Gothic towers from the architectural elements of the Romanesque period, was consecrated in the autumn of 1911, but the interior of the temple was never completed. Many of the elements prepared for it was destroyed by Soviet authorities and the Germans who occupied Lvov in 1939. Interior decorating has been done only in the 1990’s. Today the former church of St. Elizabeth, is the Greek-Catholic Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth.


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