Church in Didivshchyna

Church in Didivshchyna

Fortuna Illia
canva, oil, 70 x 80, Kyiv, 2007

Construction of the church in Didiwszczynie started the initiative and the expense of the owner of the city, John Chojecki, in the second half of the ХVІІІ century, unfortunately, the founder did not live to complete the construction and his wife Catherine Borejkόwna continued. The temple was located within the park, probably as ingle-nave four-pillar portico of Ionian order, topped with a triangle pediment and octagon tower, which stood on the gabled roof. The church was decorated with stained glass windows made in the famous Parisian workshops. The altar was situated with a reproduction of the painting by Titian, "Trόjca Christmas, " and in the chancel was the painting "Madonna” of the Venetian school, which was imported from Italy. In the basement of the church were the graves of families: Chojeckiech Didiwszczyny, Golakόw and Tomaszkόw.

Today it is difficult to say what was the fate of the temple and how it served the faithful, it is known for sure, the church was a magnificent piece of art, of which we know only from the pages of history.


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