Church of the Ascension of Jesus. Navaria

Church of the Ascension of Jesus. Navaria

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 73 x 73, Kyiv, 2006

The Church in Nawarii was built in 1626 by renowned architect Meretyn. In 1776 the belltower was built. The artistic interior decorating was done by painter S. Stroiński, as well as sculptor A. Osinski. Inside are paintings by A. Tawelio (1770).

The temple in in the baroque style of sandstone and red brick. It is a three-nave, 4-pillard Basilica with pentagonal apse and symmetrically arranged square rooms. The main façade is completed with a high baroque front, decorated with white stone vases. The decoration of facades is Corinthian. The central nave has a vault in the shape of the cross, the aisles have a spherical dome.

The belltower is situated to the south-west of the church. It was built as a project by architect P. Polejowskiego.

Both buildings form a single complex in Baroque style, referring to the Lviv school of architecture.

After World War II the wonderful temple was converted into a warehouse and slowly fell into ruin.


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