Church Dominicans. Pidkamin

Church  Dominicans. Pidkamin

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 73 x 73, Kyiv, 2006

The chapel was built at the Dominican monastery in the years 1739-1741 by the project of architechts- Kastelli and A. F. Kapponi.

Brick, octagon, rotunda plan; which has a kupułę with a lighthouse. To the eastern end of the chapel is an adjacent rectangular room under a gable roof with a pediment. The walls have pilasters and half-columns in the Tuscan order, facades are accented with triangular pediments. The western portal is decorated with a Baroque listwa. An additional element of facade ornaments are flat cavities of different configurations.

The monument is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture. Today, the Dominican chapel is the Piatnyci Paraskeva Orthodox chapel.


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