St. Joseph Church. Olesko

St. Joseph Church. Olesko

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 73 x 73, Kyiv, 2006

The church of St. Joseph and the monastery Kapucynόw to which it belonged, was built in 1739 with a project by architect A. Dobrawski. At the end of the ХVІІІ century, the complex was renovated. In 1838 it suffered from an earthquake, and in 1844 it was rebuilt.

The temple is stone, three-nave with narteks, rectangular plan with a rectangular choir. It has a gabled roof. The main façade faces west, and is finished with a triangle exterior. Its smooth surface is decorated with pilasters and recesses. Nave vaults are semi-circular and are in the shape of the cross. The architecture of the church is in the form of restrained Baroque. The church of St. Joseph is among some of the finest works of architecture from the ХVІІІ century. Today it is used by the museum, "Olesky Zamok.”


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