Church of St. Mark. Novoukrainka

Church of St. Mark. Novoukrainka

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 73 x 73, Kyiv, 2006

Church of Sts. Mark's was built between 1688-1693 as a project by W. Lenartowicz for the Piarist Fathers. In the years 1728-1750, the church was built along with the buildings of the college. After the Piarist monestary was abolished by Tsarist leaders, the church became a parish.

Brick single-nave, with two towers on the main facade, built in Baroque style; consists of four rectangular spaces located on one axis: the nave, choir, and adjacent spaces. The facade of the main cornice is flanked by highly developed two-level towers with Baroque finish. The architecture of the facade is distinguished by a rich and distinct sculpture, typical of the baroque style.

The monument is one of the most interesting works of the baroque style. After 1951, the temple was used as storage and brought to total ruin.


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