Franciscan Church. Shumsk

Franciscan Church. Shumsk

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 73 x 73, Kyiv, 2006

Franciskan church was built in 1656, by Stanislaw Malińskim for the Franciscan monestary. At the end of the ХVІІІ century, a bell tower was built of brick, adjacent to the southern facade of the chapel.

The construction consists of a rectangular nave and a polygonal apse.

The nave has a vault in the shape of the cross with rosettes. The entry is archivolts with lock and pilasters. The nave outside is topped with a decorative wooden cupola. The walls on the south facade have reinforced buttresses

The architecture features classic a Gothic-Renaissance direction, transformed in the Baroque era.

In 1832, when the Franciscan monastery was destroyed by the authorities of Tsarist rule, the building was transferred to the Orthodox church.

Today, the former Franciscan church functions as a regular church.


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