Church in Kodnya

Church in Kodnya

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 64 x 68, Kyiv, 2007

Kodni church was built at the expense of the wife of Marshal Leduchowski. The temple was rectangular in plan, built on a small foothill, surrounded on three sides. It had the features of classicism. From the palace side, it was emphasized by a six-sided portico of the Ionian order, which were placed at the facade of single split pilastersthr oughout its entire length. On .......... large gold letters was the inscription: With YOUR GIFTS YOU SACRIFICE. The panel above the entrance was adorned with a Freska depicting the Mother of God. In three semicircke niches above the pilasters were placed sculptures. The side and west facades had double pilasters. At the lower part of the church walls were rectangular window openings. However, in the overhead section - three large semicircle windows. Above the roof, similar to szatrowego and nave, rose a dome of the sygnaturka and cross, which was on a high drum with a row of rectangular windows. Inside the temple walls were covered with polychrome. The main altar is graced by a big painting of Our Lady of Consolation. There were also several side altars and the chapel of the Passion.

After the revolution, in the desolate temple was a warehouse. When the building required renovation, it was abandoned and gradually fell into disrepair. The church was in a state of ruin until the 70-s of the twentieth century, and then collapsed.


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