Church of St. Michael.Stara Sil

Church of St. Michael.Stara Sil

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 66 x 82, Kyiv, 2007

Church of St. Michael was built in the first half of the ХVІІ century. In the early twentieth century, the temple was rebuilt as a project by B. Victor. The main façade was restructured, a new porch and round chapel was built, under the dome of the southern facade, the new turret has been fixed.

The Church was of brick, single-nave, in a rectangular plan with semicircle apse, reinforced buttresses. Adjacent to the northern façade was a square Chapel (1613), two-level facades which have arched recess.

At the time of World War I the church was ruined and rebuilt in baroque style. During Soviet times in the temple was a storage for explosives, which in the 70-s of the twentieth century led to a fire. After the fire, the temple has never been renewed and is now in a state of total ruin.


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