Carmelite Church. Terebovla

Carmelite Church. Terebovla

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 50 x 83, Kyiv, 2007

The Caramelite complex in Terebowli was built between 1635-1639. Made of with sandstone and brick, it had been adapted to defense.

The complex consists of the church, the cells, the bell tower and the surrounding territory of the wall with corner towers.

The Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is 3-nave, 4-pillar basilica with elongated hexagonal chancel. The main two-tower southern facade was rebuilt in ХVІІІ century. The side facades initially recieved Renaissance decoration.

The church's interior was created in the second half ХVІІІ century. The walls of the nave are separated by pilasters with capitals of the composite order completed with high entablature. The walls and inlets are covered with monumental illusory painting.

The cells are adjacent to the temple. The territory is fenced with a brick wall, which forms a rectangle with four corner towers.

After World War II the temple was used as a factory producing Christmas tree decorations. In 1987, the former church was very hurt from fire. At present, the rebuilt Carmelite temple serves as the Orthodox church.


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