Church Dominicans. Starokostantynów

Church Dominicans. Starokostantynów

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 75 x 67 Kyiv, 2007

The Dominican Church in Starokonstantynov built in the late ХVІ century. It was a relatively large building (35 x 16m). It consisted of a rectangular nave, to which the east side connected a hexagonal apse, and in the south, almost square in plan-, tall, brick tower.

Thickness of the massive walls of the tower on the first level reached 2.8 m. At each level the wall was divided by windows of various shapes and sizes: the first, third and fifth - rectangular, on the second and sixth - elongated Gothic.

Of this uniqe exterior appearance, of the almost ruined church, we know from sources that regrettably do not tell us too much. A document from 1615 states: "The church of brick, shingle oak painted on top of a white gazebo cynną obbita, copper dome over it. Big tower next to the church: brick, painted ...".

The architectural shapes of the church reflected influences of elements of different styles. Late Gothic was the cross-shaped vault over the nave and the apse. The large windows of the house were typical of the Gothic stone frame. A four top of the west facade was richly decorated with Baroque elements.

As for the interior of the temple; vaults rested on the cornice, and at the cornices, on the altar were the angels who supposedly supported the vault with their hands. In the four corners of the temple there were four apocolyptic animal figures. During the time of rebuilding the, they were destroyed.

In 1832, after the liquidation of the Dominican church and monastery, buildings were transferred to the Orthodox Church. Since 1844 Masses in the temple were not held, and after ten years it was in ruins.


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