Sending of the Apostles Church. Vladimir-Volhynia

Sending of the Apostles Church. Vladimir-Volhynia

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 56 x 67, Kyiv, 2007

Sending of the Apostles Church (or the Sacred Heart), built between 1718-1755 for the Jesuits at the cost of I. Sadowski; the architect behind the project was Jesuit, M. Radzymin.

The church is single-nave with transept, and one rectangular exterior and apse, and one interior curved apse. The main facade (west), is flanked by two towers, placed at an angle to the surface of the facade. Three-level towers (the two lower levels - octagonal, the upper level is square) closed by short tents. The surface of the main façade is concave, which is typical of the Baroque; is also completed by an indistinct figure. Facades are divided by pilasters:the interior decorating is destroyed.

After the liquidation of the Jesuit Order, the monastery buildings were transferred to the Byzantine-monks, and in 1840, to the Orthodox men's monastery. In the days of Soviet rule, the temple was closed and looted. Today the church is held by the Orthodox Church..


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