Church of the Holy Spirit. Chervonograd

Church of the Holy Spirit. Chervonograd

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 54 x 78, Kyiv, 2007

The Bernandine monastery complex together with the Church of the Holy Spirit, was built in the ХVІІІ century. In 1749 a fire destroyed part of the buildings, and damaged the temple. Rebuilding of the monastic complex was completed in 1760. In 1767 there was built a stone fence. In 1751 the painter S. Balca painted several paintings, and in the years 1756-1758, Lviv painter S. Stroiński painted church walls and ceiling frescoes. A fire in 1852 one again ruined the church and monastery, but within 2 years the complex was rebuilt.

A Baroque-style church was built of brick. A cruciform plan, whose west branch creates the three-aisle volume. Side aisles and the transept are much lower than the main naive. The main facade is typical of the baroque architectural shapes. Decorated with pilasters on high bases. In the nineteenth century, to the central entrance was built was a small porch with a triangle pediment. The south facade has no architectural decoration. The relic was preserved in 1927.

After World War II, many valuable things disappeared from the church, and the tombs of the Potocki family were destroyed. In the 90’s of the twentieth century, it was adopted as an Orthodox church.


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