Kościół Karmelitów, Drohobycz

Kościół Karmelitów, Drohobycz

Franchuk Valery
canva, oil, 50 x 83, Kyiv, 2007

The defence church and monastery of the Carmelites was built at the end of the ХVІІ century at the expense of governor Martin Chomentowski and treasurer John Stanislaus on the Kosiorkach Kosiorski-Bekerski-Mozyrski.

To strengthen the defense complex of Carmelites Wyszeńskim local councils donated 300 zloty in 1710. In 1790 under the patent of Emperor Joseph II of Austria Carmelite monastery was closed down, and in 1807 the monastery and the church was transferred to the magistrate which, in turn, gave it to the Bazylicans in 1813 under the condition that they maintain a three-year school. In case of need the monastery would have been returned to the magistrate. The church was rebuilt was the Greek Catholic church- Holy Trinity- which lasts to the present.


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